Frozen Spinach + Cheese Momos


Vegetarian Frozen Momo – 20 piece


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Cook at Home Vegetarian Momos.  A Bulk Bag of 20 Frozen Spinach & Cheese Momos for you to steam or boil at home.    Weighs approx 750g.  Handmade product, slight variation can occur.

All Momo wrappers contain gluten.  Spinach & cheese Momos contain milk.

Or Choose from one of our other delicious fillings: –

  • Beef Momo:  Finely minced beef and onion, lightly seasoned.
  • Chicken Momo:  Finely minced chicken and onion, seasoning.
  • Spinach & Cheese Momo:  Shredded spinach, with toasted paneer & cheddar cheese. Vegetarian
  • Mushroom & Potato Momo:  Chopped mushrooms, onion and potato.  Vegan

Steam or boil – instructions for cooking

Once defrosted, do not refreeze.  Store at -18

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Weight 750 g