Frozen Beef Momos


Frozen Beef Momo – 20 piece


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Bulk Bag of 20 Frozen Beef Momos for you to cook at home.   Can be cooked from frozen, best steamed, but also can boil in soup.  Handmade product, slight variation can occur. Approx 730g.

All Momo wrappers contain gluten.

Or Choose from one of our other delicious fillings: –

  • Beef Momo:  Finely minced beef and onion, lightly seasoned.
  • Chicken Momo:  Finely minced chicken and onion, seasoning.
  • Spinach & Cheese Momo:  Shredded spinach, with toasted paneer & cheddar cheese. Vegetarian
  • Mushroom & Potato Momo:  Chopped mushrooms, onion and potato.  Vegan

Steam or boil – instructions for cooking here

Once defrosted, do not refreeze.  Store at -18

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Weight 730 g