How to Cook Momos ?

Its easy to cook frozen momos – use our simple cooking instructions below and enjoy!

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Momos Steaming
Steaming, steaming Momos @ Momo Bar

How to cook Frozen Momos

Cook our Frozen Momos straight from the freezer in 12-15 minutes – no need to defrost.

  • With a Steamer Fill base pan with water and set to boil. Lightly oil the steamer tray (or use a steamer mesh) & arrange the frozen momos. When water is boiling, put the tray on the steamer, cover, and steam on full boil for 15 minutes. (12 mins for veg momos). If you are cooking more than one tray at a time, increase the time for steaming and/or reorder the trays during cooking. When steamy hot, serve with dipping chilli – and watch out for those hot juices inside.
  • I don’t have a Steamer Although best steamed, you can boil momos in soup. Make your soup base, however you like. We usually fry onion, salt, meaty bones & top up with water to make a clear broth, but equally delicious to substitute veg stock cube. Make sure there is enough liquid for the momos to dance in, then pop in the frozen momos. Boil for around 10 mins – they will all float when ready. Whilst boiling, shred some veg :- cabbage, springonions, carrot, spinach, whatever you have in the fridge and add these at the last minute. Adjust seasoning to taste and serve.

Enjoy your meal !