How to Steam frozen Momos

Our momos can be steamed from frozen. Frozen momos should be kept in your freezer at -18C or colder. There is no need to defrost, simply, when the steamer water is boiling, steam the frozen momos by placing them on an oiled steamer tray and steam over full boil for 15 minutes or til steamy…

Mok Thuk – how to make momo in soup

Delicious energising momos in soup (Mok Thuk). This method is Ideal if you don’t own a steamer. You can boil momos in soup stock and add vegetables of your own choice towards the end. Frozen momo cook from frozen in 10-12 minutes. So if you live in Bristol you can Order frozen momo here. A…

Thukpa Noodle combo box

Try a box of steaming hot thukpa noodles – choose either veg or non veg toppings, chilli sauce, veg side salad, pickled veg and 2 momos on the top. Choose a topping: Twice cooked Chicken or Mushroom Veg medley Choose your momos: Beef or chicken, Mushroom or Spinach & Cheese Noodles provided are usually wheat…

Vegan Thukpa Noodle box

A medley of mixed vegetables lightly stir fried. Served over steaming hot noodles. Add chilli to your taste. Our Noodles are wheat noodles and contain Gluten. But sometimes rice noodles are also available. (gluten free)


Fried thin breads with fillings:  Shapaleg has minced beef & onion filling. Contains gluten.


Choose your sides. Pickled carrot; Rainbow stir fry veg; Homemade chilli sauces – mild or hot, to your taste