Steam Momos

Our momos can be steamed from frozen. Frozen momos can keep in your freezer at -18C or colder. No need to defrost, when water is boiling, place frozen momo on oiled steamer tray and steam over full boil for 15 minutes til steamy hot inside. Eat fresh but watch out for hot juices from the…

Mok Thuk

Delicious energising momos in soup (Mok Thuk). Ideal if you don’t own a steamer. You can boil momos in soup stock and add vegetables of your own choice towards the end. Frozen momo cook from frozen in 12-15 minutes. So if you live in Bristol you can Order frozen momo here. A Home Favourite: Fry…

Tse Veg Momos

Our Tse veg momos are a mouth watering mix of freshly shredded spinach, sauted paneer, potato and mature cheddar cheese – they are a favourite with customers.  They are best eaten fresh with our homemade chilli sauce.  Order frozen momo (with chilli sauce) from Momo bar. Contains: Gluten & Dairy .   Check out our vegan…

Vegan Thukpa Noodle box

A medley of mixed vegetables lightly stir fried. Served over steaming hot noodles. Add chilli to your taste. Our Noodles are wheat noodles and contain Gluten. But sometimes rice noodles are also available. (gluten free)

Sha Momo

Hand crafted beautiful beef momos to eat.  Tibetan Dumplings made in a traditional shape to keep in the steam and make juicy beef momos.  Made with minced beef due to the absence of any yaks in bristol!

Thukpa Chicken Noodles

Meet the modern take on thukpa chicken noodles.  A box of twice cooked chicken, fried with vegetable strips and served on noodles with fresh green spinach sauce. Add chilli sauce; marinated carrot; ginger stirfry veg to taste. Contains Gluten usually but sometimes rice noodles available.  Vegan option also available here. 

Cha Sha Momo

Chicken momos – minced chicken with finely diced onion, makes these Cha Sha momo so delicious to eat. Contains Gluten

Karsha Vegan Momo

Another vegetarian & also Vegan momo. Filled with diced and fried Mushrooms and potato cubes, in a delicious wrapper. Joy for all vegans out there. Contains Gluten.