Tse Veg Momos

Spinach & Cheese Momos.  We make our Tse Veg momos from a mouth watering mix of freshly shredded spinach, sauted paneer, and mature cheddar cheese.  In addition they are a favourite with customers.  For best results, eat freshly steamed alongside a dab of our chilli sauce. Tse Veg Momos contain both Gluten & Dairy.  However,…

Sha Momo

We hand make our beautiful beef Momos.  Firstly, Momos are Tibetan Dumplings, mostly beef momos are steamed to eat, but they can also be boiled.  For a soup momo recipe visit our page on Mok Thuk .  We make Sha Beef Momos in a traditional way,  as a result, the steam stays in and you…

Thukpa Chicken Noodles

Meet the modern take on thukpa chicken noodles.  A box of twice cooked chicken, fried with vegetable strips and served on noodles with fresh green spinach sauce. Add chilli sauce; marinated carrot; ginger stirfry veg to taste. Contains Gluten usually but sometimes rice noodles available.  Vegan option also available here. 

Cha Sha Momo

Chicken momos – minced chicken with finely diced onion, makes these Cha Sha momo so delicious to eat. Contains Gluten

Kar Sha Vegan Momos

Vegan Momos: Mushroom & Potato, another vegetarian momo has now also turned Vegan.  Filled with pan fried diced Mushrooms and potatoes, steamed together in a delicious wrapper.  Joy for all vegans out there.  Please note the wrapper contains Gluten. Find vegan momos at street food venue near you.

Low Carb Chicken box

Wok fried chicken & greens, atop crunchy stir fry veg, and a pickled carrot side. Low Carb street food for a change.  Contains gluten (soy sauce)