About us

Momo bar is the passion of its creator, Ugyen Choephell.   Raised in a nomadic family who herded near Mount Kailash (pictured), in western Tibet, Ugyen brings his tibetan recipes from the high Himalayas to the streets of Bristol and the South West.  Originally a traditional thangka painter, Ugyen has swapped this art for the art of momo making, but if you want to see his other art please visit tibet – a living tradition  or if you ever need to buy a thangka, prayer flags, tibetan shirts or other tibetan items, please take a visit to the shop at Thangka.co.uk

What’s a momo ?
Momos are delicious and healthy tibetan dumplings.  Steamed to keep all the goodness in, they nourish both body and soul.  These momos are all homemade, crafted from the basic raw ingredients and based on recipes handed down through the family but tweaked for new tastes and ingredients – as yaks are hard to come by in the city!  View the food from Tibet

Traditionally a food for special occasions, making momo is a family task, a team effort – hours to make;minutes to eat – as the saying goes.  So find Momo bar and try a box of momos today without the extra effort of making them.  Or if you prefer to cook at home, order one of our frozen momo packs.

If you’ve ever visited Tibet, Nepal or Northern India, come and relive your tastes and tell us about your travels.

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