Chilled Beef Momo Box


8 Traditional Momo – minced beef with onion and seasoning.

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Cooked and Chilled Momos for you to reheat at home.  Steam,  Microwave or Fry –  the choice is up to you.

Box contains 8 momos with the filling of your choice, pickle.  Seperate pots of mild or hot  chilli sauce are available to buy.

All Momo wrappers contain wheat gluten.

Other fillings:

  • Beef & Onion:   Finely minced Beef and Onion, lightly seasoned.
  • Chicken & Onion:   Finely minced Chicken and Onion, seasoned.
  • Veg Spinach & Cheese:  Toasted paneer, Cheese, Potato, onion and shredded Spinach.
  • Vegan Mushroom & Potato:  Sauted Mushrooms, Onion and Potato.

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Wrapper contains gluten